The days of painful and invasive treatments to remove stubborn fat around your belly, waist and thighs are over. SculpSure, a laser technology treatment, uses lipolysis, a fat-eliminating process to melt away fat cells.

If you’ve been dieting and exercising, but have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away, SculpSure is a great option. Many woman experience this on the belly and sides after pregnancy. It’s also a great treatment for other areas of the body, including the upper thigh.

At CVWHA, our licensed practitioner will discuss areas of concern to ensure we’re targeting the stubborn areas you want to focus on the most.

What Happens At The Appointment?

The SculpSure process is completed in our office. You’ll be asked to relax in a reclined position while we wrap the belt around you. Reaching up to 116 degrees, the SculpSure device is warm enough to get rid of those stubborn fat cells, but not hot enough to damage other tissue. You’ll feel a variation of cooling and warming during your 25-minute treatment.

How Does It Eliminate Fat?

SculpSure injures fat cells, which makes them an easy target for your body. After your treatment, your body will spend the next several weeks escorting the damaged fat cells out. During this time you’ll see a dramatic decrease in the region that was treated. Taking a before and after will allow you to see it for yourself. You may also notice a change in the way your clothing fits following the weeks after the procedure.

Does it Hurt?

SculpSure doesn’t hurt, however, during the heating phases of the process, some may experience a pinching or tingling feeling. There’s no need for pain medication or anesthesia. Some people experience bruising after the procedure.