We are excited to have this opportunity as another way of educating our patients on various topics affecting women’s health. This month we would like to focus on advances in vaginal health. You may have noticed brochures in our offices or information on our web site that says, “It’s OK to talk about it.” Well, it really is.

Many women experience disturbing symptoms in the vaginal area that they think are normal. There is a saying “you’re not supposed to notice your vagina” so if you do in an unpleasant way, there probably is a problem. Please talk to your gynecologist about any symptoms you may be experiencing. There are hormonal changes that occur in the vagina due to age. You may have heard of vaginal atrophy and most recently referred to as genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). This condition is an expected physiologic condition that has many symptoms, including vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, vaginal burning/pain, frequent UTI, frequent yeast infection-like symptoms, waking up often at night to urinate, just to mention a few!

I am very excited to announce that there is a novel alternative treatment for the normal aging changes that occur to the vagina.Hormone therapy has always been the go-to treatment but as we all know, not all women are candidates and not all women want the exposure to hormones. This alternative therapy is brought to us by our innovative colleagues in Milan Italy and has been used for many years in Europe. It is FDA approved with numerous peer reviewed data and research behind it. It’s cleverly called MonaLisa Touch. For more information on MonaLisa Touch visit its section on our web site or talk to your gynecologist.

Until next time ….
Adanna Ikedilo MD, FACOG